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PAMIC COVID-19 Protocols

PAMIC Covid Protocols for In-person Events 

PAMIC cares deeply about our members and their safety. PAMIC follows the safety COVID rules published by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and event location rules. The Commonwealth is only mandating masks in K-12 Schools, daycare centers, and health facilities. There is no central repository of vaccination status, making accurate verification impossible. Also, neither the Federal nor State Government is mandating vaccines for the general population.   

  • PAMIC offers all events with a virtual option for those who do not feel comfortable attending in person.
  • PAMIC requests copies of location Covid Protocols to address potential gaps as part of the planning process.
  • Sanitizer and masks will be available at all events.
  • Event seating will be spaced to allow better social distancing based upon location layout
  • Meals will be generally "plated" or a "served" buffet, so there is less contact in line and no touching of shared serving utensils.
  • Bottled water and sodas will be provided instead of pitchers of water on each table.
  • PAMIC will use disposable name tags.
  • Event payments are online, and there is a touchless (tap) credit card reader

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