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2021 Intelligent Marketing Registration

  • December 31, 2021
  • PAMIC Online


  • This registration is a one-month duration and receives 25,000 impressions.
  • This registration is a two-month duration and receives 50,000 impressions.
  • This registration is a three-month duration and receives 75,000 impressions.
  • This registration is a three-month duration and receives 75,000 impressions.
  • This registration is a six-month duration and receives 170,000 impressions.
  • This registration is a one-year duration and receives 350,000 impressions.
  • Platinum sponsors receive 1 complimentary month of the intelligent marketing benefit. To receive the code, please contact bmlynek@pamic.org.

Registration is closed

New! Intelligent Marketing

Expand Your Brand. Broaden Your Reach.

We know PAMIC is important to you and your business. As we continue to provide loyal advocacy, credible education, & reliable networking we want to share an opportunity to reach our online audience through digital sponsorship. Your ads will appear on multiple major websites and mobile apps, following the PAMIC audience wherever they go.

We have now extended our packages to an annual basis to expand your reach! View our updated packages below.

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  • Multi-Touch campaign over months - consistent reminders about your company

  • Name recognition / brand exposure - get them to see your name while they are enjoying the internet

  • Hyper-targeted audience - reach your target audience, both current and future members

  • Fully trackable realtime reporting: impressions, clicks, unique people reached, national heat map

  • Campaign Manager - outsource your marketing as we coordinate and optimize your campaign

  • A/B testing for optimal results - increased run-time for better performing ads = more clicks to your website


 Why should a Sponsor care about Sponsored Retargeting?

With in-person events on hold, many companies are looking for creative ways to reach key audience segments to drive brand exposure, generate leads, and ultimately make sales. Opportunities for exposure to your industry is limited. 

  • Targeting an association audience eliminates the guesswork of finding a qualified audience to market to. 

What is ad retargeting?
Ad retargeting is a form of online advertising which keeps your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. The goal is typically to drive the bounced visitor back to your site for conversion (complete a purchase, finish registration, become a member, etc). Ad retargeting can be sponsored by a third party so their ad is shown instead of the original website’s, giving them brand exposure and the opportunity to divert traffic to their own site.

What is an impression?
An impression is the metric used to describe one digital ad view. This number is a guaranteed view, meaning if a sponsor buys 30,000 impressions, they are guaranteeing their ad will be seen 30,000 times. This high volume of views served to a highly targeted audience ensures the right ad is seen by the right person. 

Where are the ads seen?

Compared to a typical banner ad which lives solely on the association website, retargeted ads can appear on whichever websites each particular audience member chooses to visit across 90-95% of the entire consumer web. Our analytics track which sites have shown our ads, some examples include:

  • www.yahoo.com

  • www.weather.com

  • www.foxnews.com

  • www.ebay.com

  • www.youtube.com

  • nytimes.com

  • espn.com

What if I don’t have any previously made ads to serve?
Just tell us what product or service you want to promote, and we will create the ads for you. Every campaign comes with 2 ad sets created by Feathr. 


Contact our Director of Communications and Technology, Brittany Bargo at bmlynek@pamic.org or call 717-303-0197.

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