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2020 Webinar Registration - Now More Than Ever! How to Work with the Public, Their Expectations and Emotions!

  • December 17, 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • PAMIC Online

nullNow More Than Ever!
How to Work with the Public, Their Expectations and Emotions! 

PRESENTERS: Jack C Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM Emeritus,
Kathleen M Randall, CSP, Randall Resources Int’l
WHEN: Thursday, December 17 AT 2PM EST

Working within a relational business is both rewarding and challenging. With all the changes in this current cycle of uncertainty, people are on a shorter fuse than ever. Within the insurance industry, often, the only time we hear from a customer is when something has gone wrong. Added together, problems plus uncertainty is a recipe for easily-triggered emotions. How do I effectively handle customer emotions and still deal with their situation? And how do I continue to keep myself energized to stay engaged with the public?

Join Kathleen and Jack for an informative and interactive session where you will:

  • Discover why and how people react,
  • Gain insights to calmly respond to emotions – both theirs and yours,
  • Learn what you need to do to take care of YOU so you can continue to serve 
What will this webinar answer?
  1. Why is greater understanding of my customers so important, especially now?
  2. How do I work with customers when they have short fuses and emotions run high?
  3. As an employee in the insurance industry, who works with the public, how do I keep from burning out?


Our presenters today are Jack C. Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM Emeritus, and Kathleen M. Randall, CSP.

Jack is a visionary consultant who equips CEOs, boards, and managers to make confident decisions and achieve maximum results with clarity, direction, and strategic solutions.

Kathleen is a communication specialist and executive coach who equips managers and teams to build cultures that increase trust, productivity, and customer loyalty.

Kathleen M. Randall, CSPKathleen’s education in Organizational Communication and Business Management, combined with her years of experience in corporate and non-profit organizations, allow her to communicate insights and proven techniques that are hands-on and practical. She has worked with numerous clients, within the insurance industry as well as other industries, in the areas of Management, Leadership, and Customer Service communication.

Kathleen holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, held by fewer than 12% of professional speakers worldwide. Based on topic development, platform excellence, business ethics, and outstanding client evaluations, this is the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation.

Jack C. Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM Emeritus

Jack has over 35 years of upper management and marketing experience in the insurance industry and has worked with numerous clients across the United States and abroad. His designations include Certified Insurance Counselor, Property Claims Law Associate, Professional Farm Mutual Manager Emeritus.

As a national speaker, consultant, author, and executive coach, Jack presents valuable insights to help individuals and organizations achieve greater clarity, focus, direction, and increased performance. Jack’s latest book, Man In The Windmill: Perceptions, Choices, and Pursuing Your Calling, challenges people to live each day utilizing their unique strengths in pursuit of their calling.

Together, Jack and Kathleen bring a unique style of presentation through their interactive training. They co-own Randall Resources Int’l and have also worked as Associate Trainers on behalf of John Maxwell’s EQUIP Leadership International. They have taught and facilitated multiple individual and joint sessions for the insurance industry regarding corporate vision, strategic planning, leadership communication, customer experience, and working with policy holders in an ethical manner.

For more information, visit their web site at www.RandallResourcesInt.com

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