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2020 Webinar Registration - Shift Just Happened

  • August 26, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • MIAI Online


Shift Just Happened – Reevaluating Your Marketing in Response to the COVID Opportunity!

Presenter: Jack C. Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM Emeritus
Moderator/Host: Jennie LeGates, CPCU, CPIW
Hosted by the Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa
Session type: Online, live, Zoom Meeting
When: Wednesday, August 26 at 1pm EST

It’s been several months since the COVID outbreak reached the US.  When asked how this pandemic has affected them, many farm mutuals cheerfully note that, other than new production flattening out, their mutuals have been basically unaffected.  Oh really?!  That’s like the captain of the Titanic calmly stating his ship escaped the iceberg hit with only a scratch!!

As a result of the COVID outbreak, the buying habits and tendencies of policyholders and agents have quickly, yet silently shifted.  So, from a marketing standpoint, are you rapidly responding to this “opportunity” to serve their needs better and faster than your competitors?  Or, are you waiting for everything to somehow return to “normal”?

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Join Jack in this insightful webinar where he will help you:

-Expound upon why this crisis may be placing your mutual’s existence at a point to prosper or to punt

-Explore why the uncertainty of today may turn out to be a huge opportunity for your company

-Explain why it is essential to understand BOTH the new needs of your agents AND policyholders

-Examine practical insights, tips, tools, and strategies to consider as you reshape your marketing plans for success!

For questions, please contact Jennie LeGates at jennie@miai.org.

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